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How A Handyman Installs A Motion Detector Light


motion detector lightMany homeowners are looking for a little extra security, especially at night. One of the easiest ways is to light up the area. Having a handyman install some landscape lights around the perimeter of the property will help light up someone entering the boundary of the property. Installing some motion detector lights in place of a coach light at a door will illuminate points of entry at the house. The easiest way to accomplish this is to simply replace existing lights with motion detection light fixtures.

Motion detector light fixtures are installed like any light fixture, with the exception that you will have some adjusting to do. Here are some details on replacing a light fixture. Basically, you will remove the old fixture and connect the black hot wire to the black fixture wire, the white neutral wire to the white fixture wire, and the green or bare copper ground wire to the ground terminal in the fixture. Use wire nuts for tight connections. Then attach the fixture to the wall.

Adjusting the motion detector light fixture is not complicated. It's probably best done at night so you can test it and get a feeling for it's sensitivity. First, aim the bulbs in the direction where to want the light cast. Next you will need to aim the motion sensor for height and distance, as well as how sensitive you want it. You won't want the lights to turn on, for example, if the trees across the street are blowing in the wind. Adjusting it is a matter of making incremental changes and then testing them as if you were approaching the house. Finally, you can choose to leave the lights on for a few seconds or a few minutes after the sensor detects movement.


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