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Handyman Hint For Moving Furniture Across Carpet


handyman moves furnitureIn my job as a handyman, I often have to move items to get access to a repair. These items can be small or large. Commonly, moving furniture away from the walls toward the center of the room is necessary for painting the room...and moving the furniture was a 2 man job. Not anymore. If the room is carpeted it is now a 1 man job.

There are products out there that slide under the feet of the furniture to make this a very quick job. They go by the names "furniture feet", EZ movers, etc. You can buy some brands at home centers, and other brands you have to order online. But basically, they slide under the feet of your furniture and make it easy to slide the pieces across the carpeting easily.

The discs are made of hard plastic with a soft foam to hold the furniture foot. The hard plastic is curved slightly to that it will glide over the carpeting.

The riskiest part is tipping the piece of furniture up (or back) high enough so that you can slide one of these discs underneath each foot. When each foot has a disc under it, you can push the piece of furniture to wherever you want it...by yourself.

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