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New Toilet


new toiletAt some point, you are going to have to contend with toilet repair. Oh, and how disgusting they can be. Maybe you just want to forgo all the repairs and just replace the old toilet with a new toilet. That's fine and it's not terribly difficult either. For some tips on replacing a toilet click here.

After securing the toilet to the floor, many people will caulk around the base of the toilet and this is fine. I'll tell you that I prefer using something that is common in the trades, but maybe not so common with homeowners: plaster-of-paris.

I like plaster-of-paris for a couple of reasons. Like caulking, it will still keep leaks at bay, but it has an advantage over caulking in that it cleans up nicely and will stop a toilet from rocking.

If you are installing a white toilet, rather than almond or other non-white toilet, the plaster-of-paris will dry with a seamless finish from the toilet to the floor. You have an open time of several minutes to place the toilet, and run a wet sponge around the base of the toilet to clean the floor and push the plaster-of-paris into all the nooks and cranies. What you are left with is a perfect finish and a stable toilet. Just let it dry before you put any weight on it.

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