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Can You Glue A Pedestal Sink To The Wall?


pedestal sink installA homeowner called and asked if you could just glue a pedestal sink to the wall. My answer is: it depends on the type of sink.

Pedestal sinks sit on a pedestal for support. So the pedestal bears the weight of the sink. If you are talking about a wall mounted sink, they will come with a bracket that first gets screwed into the wall studs. Then the sink is mounted to the bracket with supports the weight. Trying to glue a wall mounted sink to the wall will not work. However, if you want to use an adhesive caulking around the back perimeter of a pedestal sink, that would be fine. I’ve seen builders install pedestal sinks with just regular caulking and they last, because the pedestal bears the weight of the sink.

Generally, it is best to mount the back of the sink to lumber in the wall. You will see a hole on either side of the sink bowl in the back. You can sink a screw with a washer on it through the hole and into the lumber. If your sink is not lining up with wall studs (this happens most of the time), it is advised that you open the wall and put blocking there. A 2”x6” at the front of the wall will allow your screws to catch and hold. Then you can cover up the lumber with drywall, tape, texture and paint…then finally install the sink. You can see why adhesive caulking on a pedestal sink is an attractive option.


Setting A Pedestal Sink Base


pedestalA pedestal sink is typically a two piece sink. The bowl sits on a base and until everything becomes tied together, it can be a little wobbly. It’s a good idea to mark the location of each piece.

Set the sink base in the approximate location near the wall and then set the bowl on top of it. It will be a slightly unsteady until you support it with the wall. Use a level and level the bowl front to back and side to side. This is the time to make adjustments to the position of the base and the bowl. When you move the base you will need to adjust the position of the bowl. Once everything is in position it will be fairly stable. Make sure you are happy with the positioning and use a pencil and mark the outline of the base on the floor. Also mark the position of the mounting holes for the bowl. You won’t see the pencil lines for the mounting holes like you would if you marked around the perimeter of the bowl.

Once the position is marked out, you can remove the bowl and base. Use an adhesive product to stick the base to the floor. I like adhesive caulking, but I know people that use silicone. You can also use adhesive between the sink bowl and base, and between the sink bowl and wall. A wet finger will smooth the transition at these points. You will have to secure the sink bowl to the wall through the mounting holes underneath using screws and washers or lag bolts with washers. Just make sure you secure it into lumber.

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