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Loose Toilet Seat Easy But Foul


toilet seatHave you ever gone to use the bathroom and the toilet seat nearly slides right off of the bowl? It's gross to think about, but toilet seats get...well...abused. They are held in place by plastic bolts that hide under some decorative caps. Tightening a toilet seat to the bowl is very easy, but you probably want to wear gloves when working on them.

The toilet seat is hinged so that the lid and seat can be lifted. The hinged section has a plastic bolt that extends down into holes at the back of the bowl and gets secured with a wing nut.

To tighten the seat, pry off the caps at the back of the seat. A small screwdriver is perfect for this. Once the caps are lifted, you will see the slot in the screw head. Turn this clockwise until snug. Most of the wing nuts have a built-in stop so as you turn the bolt, it doesn't turn with the bolt and tightens. If your seat is really old, you may need to hold the wing nut still while you turn the screwdriver.

Newer seats have a mechanism that allows you to mount the seat by turning the hinge clockwise. It's easy but not as secure as the old bolt and wing nut style. If it's time for a new one, read this on how to install a new toilet seat.

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