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Kicked In Door


Kicked In DoorToday we got a new customer. He found us through our print advertising when he looked up someone to repair his kicked in door.

Apparently he was out of town and returned to find that someone had broken into his house. It had all the hallmarks of a break-in. I don't remember the exact number, but a speaker at a meeting I attended said that the vast majority of burglars go right through the front door. That's crazy.

Typically when someone kicks in a door, the deadbolt (or door latch) pulls through the strike jamb (the vertical piece of wood that the door latches into). More damage occurs when the deadbolt chips out the interior door molding. So the strike jamb and the molding need to be replaced. Our new customer expected to come home and relax and instead found an unexpected expense.

However, the customer looked at it as an opportunity. He had wanted to upgrade his front door anyway, and so instead of having us repair the old door, we replaced it with a new door.He was very happy and although he didn't plan on doing it now, he got what he wanted, although a little sooner than he planned.

I think most people would have looked at this as a lemon. This customer, however, made lemonade.

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