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Financial Analysis Of An Electric Dryer Vs A Gas Dryer


gas dryerEvery week, a customer will call asking to convert their laundry area from gas to electric. Specifically, they have an electric clothes dryer but they don't have the electric plug in the wall. Typically, these are customers that have moved from the East coast out to the west. So they move into a house with a gas hookup but without the 220 volt electical outlet to power their dryer.

They usually don't like my answer. When I ask them why they would want to switch from gas to electric, they say that their clothes dryer runs on electricity. Fair enough. I tell them that an electrician is going to charge them a minimum of several hundred dollars to run power to the location, plus electricity is more expensive than gas to power their dryer over the next umpteen years. The answer is to buy a gas dryer.

Over the long run, it's going to be cheaper to purchase a gas dryer. Although a new gas dryer costs slightly more than the cost of a new electric dryer, the cost per load of clothes is lower for a gas dryer. A gas dryer heats up faster and runs hotter than an electric dryer. According to Southwest Gas, a gas dryer will dry clothes 20% faster than an electric dryer. According to NV Energy (at the time of this writing), drying a load of laundry in an electric dryer costs $.17 per load while a gas dryer costs $.05 per load. If you are considering replacing your washer and dryer, here is an article on how to install a washer and dryer.

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