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Las Vegas Plumber Has Little Known Toilet Flushing Tip


toiletI am a Las Vegas plumber. If you have a poor flushing toilet, you can spend a lot of time and frustration trying to diagnose the problem...and still may not figure it out. A good flush relies on good water volume, good siphoning action (for a traditional gravity-fed toilet), an open drain, and a clear vent to allow air into the system. If you are not getting enough water in the toilet bowl quickly enough, you're probably not going to have a very strong flush.

This can be the result of several things. Most people would be quick to replace the toilet flapper, or at least adjust it so it stays up longer and allows more water into the bowl. However, there is another possibility that people don't consider.

On the underside of the rim of the toilet bowl are holes that allow water from the tank to empty into the bowl. These holes start out large and easily allow the quantity of water to pass through to push the waste down the drain. Over time though, these holes can develop scale and deposits and close substantially. You will need a mirror to see these holes.

A small folding cosmetic mirror works well. You can hold the mirror at an angle slightly below the rim and see the holes. Straighten a metal coat hanger and pick at the holes to clear them. You will see the scale drop from around the openings. You can also buy gels that will dissolve this scale, but this will fix the flush problem quickly and inexpensively.

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