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How To Install A Cultured Marble Vanity Sink Top


vanity sinkCultured marble makes for a sweet looking vanity sink top. It looks great and really dresses up a bathroom vanity, plus it isn’t as expensive as a solid surface counter top. You can remove your old countertop and sink and install the new cultured marble top pretty easily.

After you disconnect the piping and water lines to the old sink, you can remove it and the top in one piece. If you are removing a laminate sink, you may or may not have brackets holding it to the vanity. Look underneath the vanity for any type of fasteners and remove them if necessary. If you don’t see any, gently tap the underside of the countertop to separate it from the vanity.

The new cultured marble top may have an integrated sink bowl or you may need to install one into the countertop. Securing the countertop to the vanity is usually done with adhesive and caulking.

You will have to decide whether you want to scribe the back and side of the top to the wall, or use caulking to hide the gaps. If you scribe the countertop, mark you scribe lines and use a large grit sandpaper on a belt sander to remove the material.

Once you have the top ready, use adhesive along the edge of the vanity and along the edges of the countertop. This will secure it to both the vanity and the surrounding walls. Let everything set up for 24 hours before you connect the plumbing back to avoid disturbing the adhesive.

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