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Instant Hot Water Troubleshooting in 5 Easy Steps


instant hot water dispenserAn instant hot water dispenser is a convenient kitchen appliance. Instead of using the regular kitchen faucet and waiting for the water to get hot, an instant hot water dispenser delivers hot water instantly. Very hot water. Although you can set the dispenser to deliver hot water like a traditional kitchen faucet, this dispenser delivers very hot water. In fact, most come pre-set at 200 degrees. You can use them for instant soup, cofee or tea.

Sometimes though, they don't work correctly. However, there are several things you can do before you start thinking about replacing the unit.

1. Press The Reset Button

Some units have a reset button that restarts the unit. If it overheats for example, the heater will stop. Depressing the reset button will restart the unit.

2. No Power At The Outlet

If the outlet that the unit is plugged into is not providing power, the unit will not heat. You may need to reset a circuit breaker or GFCI to restore power.

3. Make Sure The Outlet Isn't Switched

Some outlets are "half-hot" or switched outlets under the kitchen sink. The top half of the outlet is for the garbage disposal to turn it on or off. If the hot water dispenser is plugged into this outlet and the switch is "off", it will not receive power to operate.

4. Adjust The Thermostat

If your hot water dispenser is spitting out steam and water, it is set too high. Conversely, if the water is not hot enough, you need to adjust the thermostat to your desired temperature.

5. Check The Water Supply

If your unit won't deliver a good stream of water, or just drips when you depress the faucet, check to see that the lines underneath the unit are not kinked and that the valves supplying the water are fully open. Also you might check to see that there is no debris in the spout of the dispenser by unscrewing the end piece. Finally, if the water pressure is low (typically less than 30 psi), the unit will not operate.

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