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Handyman Hints For Screen Door Repairs


sliding screen doorSo your sliding screen door is trashed. Maybe the dog shredded the screen or the rollers don't roll so well anymore. You probably don't need a handyman for this repair, unless there is a good game on you want to see.

Screen doors are light-weight and roll on plastic (and occasionally metal) wheels. You can buy replacements for these wheels if the door is not rolling smoothly. You will have to lift the door up and out of the track, and lay the door on it's side. The wheels are held in place with one or two screws.

If the screen is damaged, you can re-screen the door in under one hour, but if the frame is at all damaged you might as well replace it. You might consider replacing anyway if you want to save some time.

A new sliding screen door costs about $50.00 and installs very quickly. Once you remove it from the packaging, set it in the track and turn the wheel adjustment screw on the bottom rail (although rarely you might find this on the edge of the door). You want the wheels to travel freely down the length of the track. Although the adjusting mechanisms are slightly different, you just need a screwdriver to raise the frame of the door off the track.

On some models, there is a top piece that is spring-loaded to allow the door to be tall enough to ride in the top track. You can adjust this in the same manner so that the door is tall enough not to fall out.


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