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Door Knob Fixed By A Handyman


door knobI was at a house yesterday and the door knob was literally falling off of the door. It was very loose lacked any kind of handyman maintenance for years. Door knobs are a fickle group. Some are well made and last for a long time. Others get neglected. With just a little TLC, a door knob will last for a very long time.

A door knob is installed after the latch assembly gets placed into the edge of the door. The latch is held in place with 2 small wood screws. Then the exterior side of the door knob is installed through the latch assembly. This is a good time to lubricate the hardware because you can turn the handle and see the mechanics of the latch move. Spray lubrication works great. Spray a light coat on the moving parts and rotate the handle to make sure the lubrication works its way into all the moving parts.

Mate the interior side of the door knob to the exterior side and tighten the two screws that hold it all together. There is a certain tightness that requires a little "feel" to it. If you over tighten the screws, the knob and/or latch tend to stick. If you under tighten, there is will be too much play and the knob won't operate well. Tighten it snugly but so that it operates correctly.


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