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Handyman Fix For Daylight Under Your Door


door sweepIf you can see daylight from under an exterior door it is costing you money. Sealing the interior from the exterior is important not only for indoor air conditioned comfort, but it's also an easy way to keep bugs from entering your home.

You might have a door sweep or threshold that is adjustable and may be able to adjust the sweep downward or adjust the threshold upward. Door sweeps are attached to the door and make contact with the threshold underneath the door. The door sweep will wear out over time and need to be replaced by yourself or a handyman. There are lots of different styles of sweeps. Some slide in a track, some have barbs and are secured into some grooves in the bottom of the door, etc. If you want to replace the exact weatherstrip or door sweep, you may have to take it to a door shop. Your other option is to buy a universal door sweep.

This slides down the length of the door bottom and gets secured with screws to the inside bottom of the door. These door sweeps have elongated holes so they can be adjusted up or down to close the gap between the door bottom and the threshold and operate smoothly. When the door sweep is adjusted correctly, you should just barely hear a rubbing sound (between the sweep and the threshold), and you shouldn't be able to see any daylight.


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