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Shower Leak At Showerhead


shower leakIt surprises me sometimes that some people don't want to work on their own homes. Take today for instance. We were asked to install a showerhead today. To this handyman in Las Vegas, this is a very easy job, but I can understand how it might intimidate a homeowner who has never done it before.

It is merely unscrewing the old showerhead, wrapping the shower arm with Teflon tape, and screwing the new showerhead back on. Easy right? Usually.

I have had situations where a homeowner got in trouble because he wasn't holding onto the shower arm as he unscrewed the showerhead...and it either developed a leak, unscrewed it from the wall, or sheared it off inside the wall.

If you loosen it, I would completely remove it, clean up the threads on both male and female surfaces, wrap it with tape and re-install it. If the arm breaks off in the wall...start saying some prayers. You can get a pipe extractor and fish it out...you may need to put some penetrating oil on it first if it is being really stubborn.

Once you have removed the broken part, reinstall the new shower arm with teflon tape and do the same for the showerhead.



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