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handyman in las vegasSo you know how everyone is trying to save money these days? Well, an out-of-state landlord called us to go look at his property. He was receiving complaints from his tenants that doors he recently had installed weren't working properly. Apparently, he hired two guys that didn't speak English very well, and probably weren't licensed or legal.

Wow! One of the doors these guys installed was hung upside down. Instead of the doorknob being at waist level, it was at shoulder level. Then they installed a door on the exterior of the house. For this they used an interior hollow-core door. This type of door, as the name infers, is basically hollow and offers little security. None of the exterior doors they installed had any weatherstripping, and the doorjambs had been cut 2 inches short so that there was a gap that bugs could freely travel through.

Maybe the landlord picked up these guys in a parking lot of a home center, or maybe the "Handyman in Las Vegas" heading in the yellow pages. Your safest bet is to ask around. It's probably best to talk to your friends and neighbors and see who they trust.

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