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Toilet Upgrade to Prevent a Flood


toilet water supplyPlenty of floods come from a toilet. Whether it is an overflow or a pressurized water leak, there are ways to prevent them.

One upgrade for a toilet supply line involves replacing the supply line and angle valve if necessary. Sometimes these are one piece and so you have to replace both. You can buy much higher quality supply lines that will put your mind at ease over the builder-grade metal lines.

As an upgrade, you can buy plastic lines or even steel-braided no-burst lines (these usually carry a long guarantee). You can also buy flood safe lines that have a mechanism that stops the flow of water even if you sever the line. It’s pretty slick.

They all install the same way. Turn off the water and unscrew the hose fittings and remove the hose from the toilet tank and angle valve. The new supply lines simply screw back into the place of the old ones.

For the flood safe hose, the flood safe mechanism is connected to the water supply valve and then the braided steel hose is connected to the toilet tank. If the flood safe mechanism senses a water flow greater that the factory preset, then the water flow is stopped since it thinks a flood is occurring. The mechanism can be reset by turning the water off and removing the flood safe from the angle valve. This will reset it to allow the flow of water. Then just reconnect it back to the valve and slowly turn the water back on.



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