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Cracked Sink Drain Line: Repair or Replace?


sink drain leakA leaking drain line under a sink is a fairly common repair. Many people consider repair vs. replacement. Many drain repairs can be repaired, particularly at the connections. With plastic drain lines, if the leak is occurring at a point where two pipes connect, a repair might be in order.

Plastic drain piping is susceptible to just about everything. It connects easily, but if you bump it, it may start to leak. Lots of people will throw their kitchen garbage can under the sink and it will hit against the pipes and they can start dripping. So make sure you actually have a damaged pipe before you start worrying.

If the leak is coming from a connection, check to see that everything if fitting properly. There is a slip washer that, if not properly seated, will leak where the slip nut holds it down. If you do have a cracked pipe, I would replace it. There are plenty of folks who swear by gluing the crack or even using a leak tape, but over time these products can fail. A new plastic drain pipe will cost you under five dollars and all you have to do is cut it to fit (you may not even need to do this) and slip it into place. Make sure the slip washers and nuts are properly seated and hand tighten.



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