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Attic Insulation Surprises


attic insulationAttic insulation is extremely important for energy savings. If you have ever gone into your attic, you may not even know what you are looking for. With insulation, it is the R-value that people look for. Certainly R-value is important, but so is the way the insulation is installed.

If you have fiberglass batts installed, most people will look for a printed R-value. If they see R-30, then they think all is well. Not so. If your insulation is compressed or worse, not even contacting the drywall ceiling below, your R-value could be virtually zero.

Take a look at the picture. If you were just to pop your head up in the attic and look around, you would see a beautiful sea of fiberglass batt insulation, seemingly doing its job to perfection. Under all that insulation lies a nasty secret: areas of that insulation aren’t doing a darn thing.

The picture shows me lifting up a batt to check out what is underneath it, and as it turns out, there is about a 4 foot drop to the ceiling below. You can see some pipes running across the uninsulated ceiling. This dropped ceiling is over a front entryway and a chandelier hangs from it. This entire area has no insulation and is approximately 6’x 12’. This large area will effectively lower the R-value of the entire ceiling.



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