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Repairing Baseboard Chips


baseboard gougeBaseboards get dinged up and gouged as part of their everyday lives. Repairing them can be done with a variety of materials.

Baseboards with various curves in its profile can be more difficult to repair. Basically you are looking to fill in the gouge or chip so that you can’t tell it ever happened. Certainly wood putty can be used. It is applied with a putty knife by pushing the putty into the damaged area. Run the putty knife over the area to smooth it out somewhat. The putty will dry with a course surface and so it will need to be sanded. Once it is sanded smooth, you can paint it to match, although it is easier to just paint the entire piece of baseboard.

You can also try drywall compound. If you use 5-minute mud, you can follow the same steps outlined above, but work quickly. When the packaging says 5 minutes, it means it. You can remove most of the high spots with the putty knife and then sand it if you need to.

If the damaged area is in an area where it is likely to be damaged again, you might want to stick with the wood putty as it will tend to stand up to a beating a little better than the compound.



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