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Carpentry: Installing a Newel Post


carpentry newel postInstalling a newel post can be a challenging carpentry job. A newel post is main support of a handrail for stairs or a landing. They have to be anchored at the bottom where they attach to the stair or wall (or other structural support).

You can use a countersinking bit to bore out the holes in the base of the post for the lag bolts. You will need a drilled through the base of the post for the shank, and a larger hole big enough that he lag bolt’s head will fit into. The head will stop at the depth the larger diameter stops. You will thread the lag bolt through the appropriate washer. You should have at least two lag bolts installed through the base, one high and one low. This will prevent movement as these posts can be under considerable force. You can see in the picture there are three lag bolts installed in the post’s base.

To cover up the holes, you can use plugs. You can buy generic plugs or you can buy a plug cutting bit and cut your own. If you cut your own plugs, try to orient the grain so that it matches with the surrounding wood so that the plugs virtually disappear.



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