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Swimming Pool Leaf Rake Scoops Virtually Everything


pool leaf rakeIf you have a swimming pool, then you have maintenance on that pool. Besides keeping that chemical s balanced, you have the ugly chore of getting rid of all the debris that blows and falls into the pool. The skimmer and filter will help get rid of some debris, but what about the leaves and debris that sinks to the bottom?

You can certainly sweep it towards the drain or vacuum it out. But why set up the vacuum when you can scoop it out with a leaf rake or net? Check out the pro’s that go to your neighbor’s house. They don’t use the cheap net that you have. Instead they have a net with an angled front that allows them to push it along the bottom and scoop out the debris. These have various names like “stingray” or “piranha”, but they function the same. The angle allows the debris at the bottom of the pool to flow over the lip and into the net. Brilliant! They are more expensive however; usually around the $40 mark.

They don’t only perform well at the bottom, but they do well skimming floating debris from the top of the water too. You can also buy them with different sized net densities to capture smaller particles, but that makes them harder to push through the water.



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