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Hiding Baseboard Gaps


baseboard caulk resized 600Installing baseboard that you plan on painting lacks the detail work. When you are installing natural wood that you plan on staining and varnishing, the installation really needs to be detailed so that you can’t see any flaws. For painting though, it is a different story…it’s much easier.

The reason it is easier is that you can cover the flaws and gaps with caulking. Caulking is like the duct tape of the baseboard installer’s world. It fills gaps and voids, and covers small errors you wish you hadn’t committed. These gaps occur at corners and really anywhere two pieces of baseboard meet. A very noticeable gap will occur along the top of the baseboard down the length of the wall. This area won’t be the installer’s fault, rather that is just the way the ball bounces. The wall can be wavy, and what you will find is that in between the studs will be gaps.

The easiest way to fix the gaps is to insert a small bead of caulking. Use a caulking gun and load a tube into it. Cut the tip of the tube at an angle, poke a long nail through the skin of the caulking and gently squeeze the trigger. You want to lay down a bead of consistent size along the length of the board. After that, wet your finger and smooth out the bead with the top of the baseboard. Let everything dry and it is ready for paint.



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