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Water Heater Economics


water heater efficiency resized 600There are certainly ways you can save energy on your water heater. Many of the methods deal with the design of the system, from the length of the piping runs and how they run, to the pressure of the system. That’s fine for new construction, but what about those of us who aren’t building a new house?

There are simple common sense ways, like fixing all leaks to minimize the wasting of hot water. A small leak on the hot side will cause hot water to leave the tank, only to be replaced with cold water, and eventually the burner will have to fire up.

Some easy ways to lower energy consumption from your water heater are also common sense.

Reduce the Tank’s Temperature

If you lower the temperature of the water in the tank, the water heater won’t have to heat the water as much or as long.

Use Heat Traps

Heat traps prevent hot water from leaving the tank due to convection of hot water in the piping above the water heater.

Insulation Blanket

A water heater blanket makes sense for cold climates, but in the west, many water heaters are placed in the insulated garage, and so the savings are likely negligible.

Low-Flow Shower Head

A low flow shower head (and faucet aerators) can save plenty of energy because they cut the amount of hot water leaving the tank. In other words, you use less hot water.



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