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Spring Tune-up for your Landscape Irrigation


landscape irrigationIt’s a good idea to check out your landscape irrigation before the summer heat hits. If you notice dry grass or plants that are struggling, tackle it now rather than when it gets really hot and it gets too tough for your landscape to rally for a comeback.

You can turn on each irrigation valve one at a time and check for good coverage. You can do this by either manually advancing the sprinkler timer or by removing the lid from your irrigation box and opening the bleed screw. If you open the bleed screw you will get a little water spraying out of the valve. When you are done checking the zone, turn the bleed screw back off.

While the water is on go around and check the sprinkler heads for good coverage. They may all work great, or you may see part of the spray arc is blocked or spraying erratically. You may need to remove the head, clean it out and re-install it. You may see a geyser from a broken head or riser. These are all easy to fix as they are threaded fittings.

For the plants, check to see that the drippers all drip water. These get overlooked until it is too late. Since they don’t spray water, you really don’t notice they are on unless you can hear the lines purging the air. Again, turn on the valve and check each plant. When you find one that is blocked, I would just replace it because while you might be able to clear the debris, it may fall back into the emitter and block the opening once the water comes back on.



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