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Irrigation Drip Line Spraying Water


irrigation drip fittingIrrigation drip lines are black poly tubes that carry water to individual plants. There will be a time when you will see water spraying from somewhere along the tubing. It may be that a fitting has worked its way loose, or maybe the tubing has a split or crack in it.

This is easy to repair. For a split in the plastic tubing, you will need to cut out the area of the split. Make the cut cleanly at a 90-degree angle. Use a barbed connector and push each end of the tubing onto the connector. Turn the water on and test to make sure there are no other leaks.

If a fitting has worked its way out, the repair is similar. The fittings are barbed so there is no glue that is used. If the fitting is pulling out of the tubing, I would cut the tubing back to where it isn’t stretched out, like maybe ¼”-3/8” of an inch back. That way you get some new tubing to push the fitting back into, and since it isn’t stretched out, it should hold well.

Whenever you work on drip systems, it is a good idea to take the time to check that the emitters are dripping water to the various plants. Sometimes when working on the system, you may inadvertently allow dirt into the system which could clog the emitters.



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