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How To Remove a stuck Bathtub Drain Flange


bathtub drain flangeYou may be looking to replace a bathtub drain flange because it is unsightly, or maybe it is leaking. You may get lucky and the drain flange may unscrew easily. In many cases though, it isn't that easy.

You can try using a strainer wrench. This is a great tool when the inside supports are still in place. This allows the wrench something to hold on to while unscrewing the flange. In some cases the flange is just corroded and won't budge.

You can use a hacksaw and cut 2 slots in opposing sides of the flange. You may want to hold 2 hacksaw blades together to cut the slots thicker. Use a chisel and hold it at an angle so that when you hit the chisel it will cause the flange to move in a counter-clockwise direction. Use a hammer and tap the chisel to move the flange. You might try alternating the chisel from one slot to the next to get the flange to move. Once it starts to budge, you can use a couple of screwdrivers and place them in the slots to unscrew the flange. It's one of those things that you use whatever is at hand to get the job done.

Once the old flange is out, clean up the threads and install a new one.



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