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Landscape Irrigation Stakes Hold Drip Lines in Place


landscape irrigation stakesInstalling landscape irrigation is only half the battle. Once drip lines are in position, they are typically covered with landscape rock to hold them in place. You should take note of the environment though. Kids and dogs will cause you some grief here.

A drip system saves lots of water by directing the water right to the root ball of the plant. When the drip emitter becomes clogged or is moved out of place, the plant will eventually die. You can periodically monitor the emitters to make sure they still emit water, but for the lines being pulled out by kids or animals, your first line of defense is to stake the drip lines down.

Stakes come in many different sizes. You can stake down the main lines with either ½” or ¾” stakes. For the small individual drip lines, you can stake those near the root ball.

I see many people stake the drip lines several inches off the ground. This is good to be able to see that the emitters are still dispensing water to the plant, but bad in that they are easy targets for an errant ball or running child. The flip side is that if you stake the drip lines so that are right on top of the ground, they are less likely to be displaced, but it is more difficult to see if they are working correctly.



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