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Swollen Baseboard Repair


baseboard las vegasSwollen baseboard means only one thing; at some point water got to it and caused it to swell up. It may be from an old leak or a current leak, but you need to do some investigating to determine the cause and to see if the leak is active.

I see this a lot behind toilets. Water will drip and eventually be absorbed into the baseboard. Builder-grade baseboard is made of medium density fiberboard and bloats when water even gets near it. There really isn’t a good repair for this due to the baseboard being so distorted. Once you’ve figured out the cause and repair of the leak, remove the damaged piece of baseboard. You will need to get a replacement and it’s best to take a sample with you to match up the profile. You can cut a sample from the piece that you removed since you will be replacing it anyway. Buy a length longer than you need.

You will likely need to miter the ends (unless you have corner molding pieces) so measure correctly and dry-fit the piece until you have it at the right length and the angles are correct. Use finishing nails and nail it into the studs and then finish it off with a bead of caulking along the top edge and miters. Then just paint it.



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