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Clear a Clogged Shower Head


shower head handymanSo you are in the shower and the shower head is only spraying through half of the holes in it. Before you replace it, you might try a few easy fixes first.

Some shower heads have rubber "self-cleaning" sprayers on them that allow you to clear off the calcium build-up simply by rubbing your finger over them. Other shower heads are not flexible and so you can use vinegar or a product like CLR (stands for calcium, lime, rust). It is sold at grocery stores and home centers.

You can pour it into a dish and either hold it up to the showerhead, or remove the shower head and set it into the liquid. For difficult-to-remove calcium, let it sit in the CLR for a few hours, rinse it out and then blow through it.  Make sure when you unscrew the shower head that you hold on to the neck coming from the wall. The last thing you want to do is to loosen this and have a leak in the wall.

By the way, if you don't want to go through the cleaning process, you can certainly choose to replace the shower head. Just wrap the threads on the neck with teflon tape and then screw the new head on.



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