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Remove a Scratch from a Stainless Kitchen Sink


stainless kitchen sinkStainless steel kitchen sinks are beautiful and appear to be resistant to virtually anything. I like stainless sinks, but they do get scratched. Just think about how often people throw silverware in them, not to mention a heavy griddle. It really doesn’t take much for the sink to get a very visible scratch. Fortunately, the scratch can be removed.

You can buy mild abrasives that will buff the scratch out, but there is a sequence to follow. First off, clean the sink. Use soapy water and a sponge and get rid of any greasy nastiness. Rinse out the sink and dry it with paper towels. Turn on the lights in the kitchen so you can see the scratch and any other blemishes.  If you don’t have a light directly over the sink, use a desk lamp or other portable light. You want to light up the area.

Use a commercial product designed for stainless steel sinks along with a 3M Fine Scotch Brite pad. You can try Franke’s or Bar Keepers Friend, but there are several that will work. I know some people that use a mild cleaner and a sponge who like the results.  The important thing is to lightly rub with the grain of the sink.  If you look closely, you will see which way the finish of the sink runs. Follow this direction or you will have an ugly rub spot that looks like the surface was worn down.

Once you are happy with the appearance, you can wash and dry the sink again.



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