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Shower Cartridge Remover Tool


shower cartridge pullerA shower cartridge can get awfully crusty and be very difficult to remove by hand. This is where the cartridge removing tool comes in. It’s like magic.

Moen makes a cartridge pulling tool and Danco has a tool as well. Both work great for removing Moen cartridges.

The first thing to do is to shut off the water and remove the handle. The handle may have a setscrew at the base or the cap may pop off and reveal a screw to remove. Once the handle is out of the way, remove the retaining clip. It has a small tab that you will have to grab and pull outward. Needle nose pliers work great for this. One the retaining clip is removed, you can use the puller.

Each style of cartridge puller operates the same, although the tools look a little different. You will place one end of the tool over the cartridge and screw the threads into the top of the stem. As you are doing this, the ears of the tool will engage the cartridge. The ears fit into 2 slots  at the top of the cartridge. With the Danco tool, you rotate the entire tool to free the cartridge. With the Moen tool you rotate a large nut or handle at the rear of the tool. As you turn the tool you will be able to see the cartridge lift out of the opening.


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