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Replacing Landscape Light Bulbs


landscape light bulbs resized 600Replacing a bulb in your landscape lighting is very easy. Most are not the type of bulbs you think of when you think light bulbs. The typically don’t screw in. They have pins at the rear of the bulb or a flat area with contacts that fit into a slot, rather than a threaded socket.

The bulbs are halogen and have the wattages stamped on the underside of the bulb. So look at your old bulb and find the wattage on it, and replace it with the same bulb. You can replace it with a bulb that has a lesser wattage, but if you want to increase the wattage you need to do a little math. You should add up the watts on all of the bulbs. The total cumulative watts should not exceed 90 percent of the transformers output.

To get access to the bulb, you will need to remove the cover from the light fixture. These usually unscrew at the top. Make sure the system has been off for a while because the bulbs will get very hot when they are on (assuming you are replacing a bulb that is working). If the bulb is not lighting then the fixture should be cool. Pull the old bulb straight out to remove it, and push the new bulb into the holes in the socket. The pins will fit perfectly into the holes. Push the bulb into the holes until it stops.


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