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Scraping and Painting Your Fascia and Eves


painting evesIf you live in a homeowner’s association, there will be a time that you get a letter saying you need to scrape and paint your fascia boards and eves. This is the trim board area just under the roof line. It is usually painted an accent color. The only part you will need to repaint is the area which can be seen from the street, although it makes sense to paint the entire perimeter since you have the tools out.

The painting portion of the job is easy. Scraping the old flaky paint off of the board makes quite a mess below. I would recommend you cover the area just below the roofline with a drop cloth so that clean-up will be easy. If you have bushes below, cover them with a drop cloth too.

Set up your ladder and get a paint scraper. The stiffer the blade, the better. Start at one corner and move around the perimeter.  Wear eye protection and a hat because the crusty paint chips will be flying around.

I like using a tampon roller because they are small and the painting goes quickly. Plus you can get the paint into tiny areas, so there is less touch-up with a brush. Although some people like to scrape a small area and then paint it while they are there, I prefer to paint the entire perimeter and then paint the entire area. It’s a personal choice.



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