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How to Install New Rollers on a Shower Door


shower wheelsWhen your sliding shower door doesn’t slide so well anymore, first you should try to adjust them. If that doesn’t work, you will need to replace them.

The sliding shower door rollers are at the top of the doors. Lift up the door and swing it away to disengage the rollers from the top track. Try to keep the door in a vertical position as they are thin and can be flimsy. Remove the screws that hold the roller assemblies to the door and take the rollers with you to find a match. There are several styles and so you can save yourself unneccesary trips if you buy the right ones.

Reinstalling them is simply the reverse order. You will have to adjust the rollers once you get them installed. Placing the rollers on the track is more “feel” than actually seeing them. The doors are awkward and you will find yourself tipping the door and placing it into the track. You will need to lift the rollers higher than the track (which is concealed in the header) and then set the rollers onto the track.

Test the fit by sliding the door. Does it drag or rub on the bottom? If it does, lift the door again and loosen the rollers to move them lower (moving them lower in effect raises the height of the door). This will prevent the door from rubbing on the bottom.


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