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How to Remove A Garbage Disposal


remove disposalRemoving a garbage disposal is easy and fast. Maybe you are replacing the unit, or maybe you need to remove the disposal to replace the rubber splash guard.

Unplug the disposal from the outlet and then focus on the drain piping exiting the side of the unit. There will be two screws that hold on the drain piping. Remove the screws and pull back the metal plate that the holds the flanged drain pipe to the side of the disposal. There will be a rubber washer behind the flanged pipe to prevent leaks.

If you have a dishwasher, the drain should run up to the air gap on top of your sink, and then back down to the garbage disposal. You will need to remove the clamp that holds this hose on. Once you pull the hose off, the disposal is ready to be removed.

It is held onto the bottom of the sink by a collar that with lugs in it. Support the weight of the disposal  (I usually stick my knee under it) and place a screwdriver or other small stout object in the lug. Once you loosen the collar, the disposal will drop from the bottom of the sink.


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