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Exterior Caulking Is a Good Idea


caulking doorExterior caulking is good both in hot weather and cold. Weatherstripping your doors is a great idea. It will stop breezes, bugs and other outside nuisances from entering your house. You might venture outside and take a look at what you can do there as well. You should also take along a tube of caulking. 

The type of caulking to use will depend on the application, but you will likely need exterior paintable caulking for doors and windows. 

Read the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure it is used for its intended purpose. 

Caulking is a fix-all for all sorts of situations since it’s a great adhesive in a pinch, but is shines at filling gaps. You might even call it “weatherstripping in a tube.” 

Walk around the house paying close attention to doors and windows. Around the doors, lay a bead of caulking around the perimeter of the door, in between the molding and the siding (or stucco). 

Also, check at the threshold of the door and lay down a bead between the bottom of the threshold and the slab or deck. This will help keep bugs out. Plus, on doors that have no protection via an overhang, the bead of caulking will help keep rainwater from seeping under the threshold. 

By the way, don’t buy the caulking that’s squeezed out by hand. Use a caulking gun and load a tube into it. Cut the tip at a 45-degree angle. The size of the opening can vary, but start out at about one-eighth of an inch. Use a long nail or piece of wire to punch through to the caulk. Squeeze the trigger and lay down the bead of caulking, and then run your finger over the bead to smoosh the caulk into the cracks. 

Check out the windows in the same manner. The general rule: when in doubt, caulk it. Caulk around the perimeter of the window, being careful not to cover the weep holes in the window frame. 

Water is a home’s nemesis, so seal around any points of entry, such as vents. 

For sealing roof gaps, use a roof sealant (it also comes in a tube that can be loaded into your caulking gun). Now, working on the roof can obviously be dangerous and this is one area where you might consider hiring someone. Not only is working on your roof dangerous, but you can also damage your roof by walking on the tiles.

The idea is to keep the elements outside the house.



Thank you for the post, bust i have a question: 
What is the energy efficiency of exterior doors and storm doors?
Posted @ Friday, December 16, 2011 8:08 AM by Handyman Home Repair
Caulking should be, and highly recommended, it can seal crevices and cracks where water can sip through. Also, to prevent passage of insects such as ants.
Posted @ Thursday, February 06, 2014 12:09 PM by ac service heath tx
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