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Kitchen Faucet is Loose


kitchen faucet nutsA kitchen faucet can get loose over time and require a quick fix. It seems that faucets with a single handle have more of an issue here than do faucets with separate hot and cold handles. I am guessing that because people push the lever to its extreme travel point and slam it back down causes it to move over time and eventually become loose. This also holds true for bathroom faucets

Fixing it isn’t difficult. You will need to climb under the sink to access the fasteners that hold the faucet to the underside of the sink (or counter). If you have a faucet that sits on a metal base, look for 2 nuts that hold the faucet on. The nuts may not look like nuts at all. They may be colored plastic, but they will thread onto a stud of some kind. On some faucets, you can follow the incoming water supply lines and the nuts will be on the same inlet that the lines are attached to.  Other faucets will have separate threaded rods that allow nuts to be screwed on to them.

Faucets that have no base plate will have a fastener that looks like an open nut. It looks like the letter “C”.  This allows the faucet to be tightened to the sink and still allow the water supply lines and sprayer hose to remain undisturbed.

Use a basin wrench to tighten the nuts that hold the faucet to the sink. This tool gets into tight spaces and allows you to tighten the nuts with little effort.


For faucet installation, the solid brass usually lasts the longest. In addition, choose faucets that come with ceramic discs because this offers a hassle-free solution for maintenance.
Posted @ Thursday, January 26, 2012 2:20 AM by copper fittings
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