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Ceiling Fan Removal


ceiling fan removalSo maybe you are moving, or just want to replace your ceiling fan. You first have to remove it and fortunately this is easy. Probably the most difficult part is getting up on a ladder.

Turn the power off and climb up to the ceiling fan. You will have a choice here in how what steps you take to remove it. Fans can be heavy and those that have a 52" diameter can be a challenge to handle. So , you might choose to remove the blades first before you disconnect the fan.  Mark the blades with the corresponding supports where you remove them. This is because the fan can become unbalanced if you move them around, and by marking them you can make sure the same blade goes back onto the same support. Just use masking tape on each piece to mark them.

You will need to get access to the wiring connections. Unscrew the cover at the ceiling. There are two screws that hold this on to the fan. The cover will drop down and you can pull out the wires. You should see the wire nuts inside the hanger. Pull these out and remove the wire nuts and the ceiling fan wires that they connect to. Place a wire nut back onto the ceiling wire and tuck it gently back into the ceiling.

With the wiring disconnected, you can lift the fan out of the support. If you chose to keep the blades on, this can be awkward because the blades will force you to keep your arm extended.

With the fan removed, you can remove the fan support from the ceiling and either install a new fan, or place a cover over the ceiling junction box.



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