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How To Remove A Shower Cartridge


Moen cartridge removal toolIf you have to replace a shower cartridge, the job should take less than 30 minutes. The most challenging part of the job however, is removing the old cartridge.

You will first need to remove the handle to gain access to the cartridge. For a Moen cartridge there is a clip that you have to pull out, which frees up the cartridge to make it’s exit. But it’s not that simple. Theoretically, you should be able to grab the stem with some pliers and pull it out. In reality though, it is more difficult than that. You can buy a cartridge removing tool to help out.

The tool screws into the screw hole that the handle was screwed into. Turn the handle on the tool until it starts to tighten. You will see that handle and the cartridge pull together. The ears of the cartridge will mesh with the tool. As the tool is tightened, the cartridge will start to lift out of the opening. There will be a time when you will be able to pull the cartridge out of the opening.

If the shower valve was installed with the cartridge inside of it, it may be very difficult to remove the cartridge. In this case, the stem may pull out, but leave the cartridge still in the opening. You can try to use a torch and slightly heat up the valve to loosen it. The tool will also have a skinny shaft (usually the handle) with a retractable ball bearing in it. You can stick this into the hole and twist it until it engages with the cartridge. Then pull and twist it out.


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