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Ceramic Tile To Laminate Transition Strip


transition strip ceramic tile resized 600When two different flooring surfaces meet, such as ceramic tile and laminate, there must be a transition between the two. A transition strip allows you to mate the two surfaces with an attractive strip to bridge the gap between the different surfaces. When laminate flooring is involved, you will use a transition strip made of laminate.

This transition strip is shaped like the letter "T" with the top spanning both the ceramic tile and laminate surfaces. The vertical leg of the "T" gets secured into a gap between the two surfaces. The size of this gap depends on the type of transition strip you are using. Many of these strips have a metal channel you will install first into the gap. You can nail or screw the metal channel down (and in some cases use a construction adhesive like Liquid Nails). Once the channel is in place, the transition strip gets pushed into the channel. Trim it to fit first and then snap it in place. The metal channel will hold the transition strip, which covers the ends of the different flooring surfaces.

Once the transition strip is installed, it should be flush with both surfaces. In other words, you want to make sure you install each surface so that they are equal in height. Otherwise, you may find that the transition strip will be higher on one side than the other, and may not even stay in the metal channel.



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