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Where To Put Grab Bars In A Shower


shower grab barAs people age, the potential for a fall increases…especially on a wet surface like a shower. Grab bars can save the day. I usually start by asking the customer how they will use the shower and determine placement from there.

It is a good idea to install a vertical bar at the height of the customer’s shoulder at the entrance to the shower. They will hold onto this bar as they step into and out of the shower. It is important that this bar be at shoulder height to minimize the distance of the fall should they actually slip. By having it at the shoulder during a fall, they could react and slow the rate of decent. By contrast, imagine if they had a handrail at waist height. If they fall they likely wouldn’t have the strength to slow or stop the fall.

The other location to have a grab bar is on the long wall of the shower. This is where asking about the customer’s showering habits helps. Does the customer use a bath chair to sit down during a shower or do they stand up? This matters because if they sit down, the grab bar should have an angle to it so that they can pull themselves up from the chair. If they stand up during a shower, the bar can be horizontal or have an incline to it.



This is a timely post, Mile. With a generation of Baby Boomers 
approaching retirement, many people are concerned about safety 
in a home they love and don’t want to leave. A few safety 
features like grab bars can make a difference and allow them to 
“age-in-place.” One caution. The grab bars must be 
attached correctly by a competent handyman or homeowner so that 
they will give the proper support. This usually involves using 
the proper wall anchors to prevent the bar from pulling away 
from the wall and causing more damage to the bather. A good 
handyman can also get the installation right the first time, so 
as not to put unnecessary holes in tile, shower enclosures, and 
Posted @ Tuesday, October 04, 2011 10:58 AM by Joaquin Erazo, Jr.
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