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Slow Filling Toilet Tank


slow toilet tank refillYou flush the toilet and it runs and runs until it finally shuts off. Assuming the flapper doesn’t get caught on something, I would check a few simple things first.

Refilling the toilet tank is about volume of water getting into the tank. Again, we are assuming the flapper is seated and not allowing any water to flow out of the tank as the tank refills. I would first check the angle stop. Follow the hose or tube that comes out of the bottom of the tank and goes to the wall. You want to make sure it is fully opened. Turn the handle counter-clockwise. If it doesn’t move, the valve is likely fully opened. If it does move, your problem is likely solved. By opening the valve, you will allow more water into the tank and it will fill faster and shut off earlier. Not that you are wasting water, but rather the water is simply filling the tank faster than before.

If the valve was already fully opened, turn the water off and remove the supply line from the bottom of the toilet tank. Point it in a bucket and turn the water back on. Do you have strong pressure? If you do, replace the toilet fill valve. If the pressure is weak, replace the angle stop as the valve may be defective.


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