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Replacing A Shower Head With A Hand Held


hand held shower headIf you want to improve your shower quickly and inexpensively, replace your shower head. This will take just a few minutes and you can get a ton of slick features.

Shower heads all go on the same way, so pick the one with the features you like and live it up. You can choose a massaging head, pulsing, or install a rain head. The choice is yours.

When you remove the old shower head, grab the arm it is attached to and hold it so that it doesn’t twist out also. The last thing you want is a leak behind the wall, where the arm attaches to the piping. With the arm firmly held in place, use a wrench and unscrew the shower head.

Clean up the threads, wrap them several times with Teflon tape and get ready to screw on the new one. If you are installing a hand held shower head, you will be screwing on a fitting to the end of the arm. This fitting connects a hose and finally the hand held shower head. The fitting also provides a mount for the hand-held shower head. This allows you to use the shower as if shower head were directly attached to the arm.


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