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Shower Door Towel Bar Repair


shower door towel barFor those of you with a towel bar attached to your sliding shower door, you know that they can become loose and virtually fall off. The repair is easy however.

Towel bars mount to the exterior side of the shower door (to keep the towels dry of course). They are held in place from screws on the inside of the shower. Each side of the towel bar usually has two screws per side. The screws go into the door from the interior of the shower, pass through the shower door, and into the threads of the towel bar on the outside of the door.

The frames of shower doors are somewhat flimsy and weak, and so stuffing a town in between the frame and the towel bar won’t help it to stay together. They become loose over time, and will pull out if not repaired.

The easy fix is to simply tighten the screws until snug. You may have to use a larger screw to get some bite from the handle. Don’t use a longer screw as this may push through the back of the towel bar. Rather, use a screw with slightly larger threads. This will allow it to bite into the material somewhat without damaging its ability to hold.


My shower door towel bar is loose but I cannot see, find, or get to any screws to tighten it. I have searched everywhere. 
(P.S. What does "town" refer to in the statement, "The frames of shower doors are somewhat flimsy and weak, and so stuffing a town in between...")
Posted @ Tuesday, July 24, 2012 5:49 PM by Terry
I think "town" was an auto-fill, and was supposed to be "towel." 
MY towel rack broke off at one side. My question is, can I buy another rack, unscrew the old one left and right, and replace?
Posted @ Sunday, March 24, 2013 11:28 AM by M.E. Bryan
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