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Should I Remove The Toilet To Install Ceramic Tile?


ceramic tile at toiletRemoving the toilet to install new ceramic tile is always a good idea. It creates more work now, but will save you plenty of aggravation down the road.

True, you will need to remove the toilet and then buy a new wax ring and bolts. However, when you are done with the floor, it won’t look amateur. Plus, you won’t have to make a bunch of round cuts on the ceramic tile to fit around the base of the toilet. By removing the toilet, you can tile right up to the flange and the cuts won’t need to be perfect as this area will be hidden by the toilet anyway.

How will it save you time in the future? At some point you will want to replace the toilet with a new one. Maybe it’s outdated. Maybe it uses way too much water, or maybe you just want a different design. When you replace it, the big concern will be finding a new toilet with the same footprint as your old toilet. That may be tough. Tiling up to the base of the original toilet is not very attractive anyway, as there is a gap between the tile and the toilet. Can you imagine how ugly the new smaller toilet will look with an even larger gap? Do yourself a favor now and remove the toilet before you tile the floor.


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