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Las Vegas Handyman Tells How To Hang A Flag From Stucco


las vegas handyman flagMany modern houses have stucco exteriors, and that makes hanging a flag a little challenging for a Las Vegas handyman. Stucco is hard and there is some guesswork as to where the wall studs will be located. This can make it hard for someone just trying to be patriotic.

The flag will hang at an angle from the house and so it must be securely installed through the stucco into the wall studs. The flag is not heavy, but a good wind will yank it from the wall. The flag will come with a wall bracket and screws. A word of advice: don’t use the screws that come in the package. They are too short and won’t reach the studs. Instead buy some longer deck screws that will extend through the stucco, sheeting (and sometimes foam board) and into the wall studs.

Figure out how high you want to mount the bracket and then estimate where the studs will be. The best location for minimal guesswork will be near a corner of a wall or column. You know there will be studs at the corner, but there will also be a thickness of material you won’t want to screw into as mentioned earlier. Two inches from the corner is a good starting point. Secure the bracket into the wall studs and then you can hang your flag.


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