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Painting Stucco


painting stuccoPainting stucco really isn’t much different from painting other surfaces, other than the texture of stucco is very different. Stucco can be applied so it has a sand finish, which is fairly smooth, or heavily textured, which would turn your hand to hamburger if you ran it across the surface.

When you finish a stucco patch, let it dry out. There are those people who swear by adding paint to the wet stucco mix, but I prefer to let the patch dry before painting. For heavily textured surfaces, you will need either an airless sprayer, or a thick nap roller. The airless sprayer is great, but you will usually end up painting the entire wall. You may paint the entire wall with a roller as well, but if you have a great paint match, you can get away with just touching up the patch.

Look for a thick stucco roller with will usually be ¾” thick. It will soak up a lot of paint, but it has to in order to paint the jagged surfaces of the stucco finish. Pour the paint in a tray and let the roller soak it up. You might gently press down on the roller like a sponge wicking up water. The paint will soak up into the roller.

Start out gently rolling the paint on the stucco. If you find that the paint is not getting down into the crevices of the stucco, press down on it and the paint should soak into the voids. Just don’t stop moving the roller. It’s best to roll and gently press down to control the amount of paint on the stucco.



Stucco ceiling repairs can be easy if done right. If you have never had stucco ceiling painting done prior to any repairs on the ceiling then you will have to paint the stucco ceiling with an oil based paint because the the latex will dissolve the stucco ceiling popcorn. Therefore if you do any drywall hole repair such as putting in a pot light and you have to cover some other holes created by the electrician then you have to paint stucco ceiling with oil paint or oil primer. Whenever in doubt I always use oil paint or oil primer.
Posted @ Sunday, July 10, 2011 4:15 PM by drywall hole repair_stucco ceiling painting
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