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Carpentry Tip When Using A Hole Saw


carpentry screwsFor most carpentry jobs using a hole saw, it is usually a straightforward process. The hole saw has a drill bit in the center to guide the hole saw to it’s intended location. But what if you have already cut a hole and the hole is too small? The drill bit can’t act as a guide because there has already been a hole cut out, although it is too small.

If you place the larger hole saw over the smaller hole, the saw will tend to wander around until it cuts a groove. This wandering will cause the hole to be cut in a little off center and also scar up the work surface.

To eliminate this, use a couple of drywall screws. Place the hole saw over the exact location where you want to cut the hole. If you can draw a circle around it--great. You want to locate four drywall screws around the larger hole saw, in effect trapping it in place. It won’t be able to wander because the drywall screws will be holding it in place and not allowing it to move.

Start the cut slowly and when the teeth bite into the wood enough, you can stop and remove the screws from the work surface. Then continue with the cut until finished.



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