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How To Remove A Range Hood


range hoodRemoving a range hood is an easy job. These are usually very light and are held in place with a handful of screws.

People usually remove the builder-grade range hood to install a higher quality microwave hood. Removing the old hood is the first step, and it is an easy one.

Open the cabinet doors above the hood. You will see a cord coming from the range hood to an electrical outlet. Unplug the cord and then look underneath the range hood. There are four pan-head screws that hold the range hood to the underside of the cabinet. Remove two of the screws in opposite corners, for example the rear right screw and the front left screw. Use a drill driver and the screws will be out in seconds.

I am right handed, so I save the front right screw for last. This allows me to support the range hood with my left hand, and remove the front right screw with the drill driver in my right hand. As I said, the hood is very light and when you get the last screw out, it is easy to lower the hood down. As you lower the hood, the cord may get hung up in the hole at the bottom of the upper cabinet. Just be aware of the cord and slowly lower the hood. You may have to feed the cord through the hole as you lower the hood.



Good article - thanks Mike. Hopefully those who remove the builder grade range hood make an improvement and stick in something better than an OTR Microwave.
Posted @ Wednesday, January 11, 2012 6:25 PM by Allen
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