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Secure Electric Cables In Junction Box


electric cable clampRunning electric cables, such as romex, require you to follow certain rules for safety. I have seen several instances of scorched cables, and worn insulation that can cause problems.

When you are running a cable to a junction box, the cable should be secured to the box. You want to restrict movement of the cable so that the edge of the box doesn’t wear through the insulation and ultimately damage the cable. Shorting and arcing can be the result of this type of damage. This is where a cable clamp comes into play.

The clamp’s nut unscrews to allow you to place the threads into the box then you screw the nut back onto the threads to hold the clamp in place. From there you place the cable through the clamp and into the box to connect to an outlet, switch, or to connect to other wiring. The clamp holds the cable in place using two screws. You may have to loosen the screws enough to allow the cable to pass through the clamp, but when enough of the cable has entered the box, gradually tighten the two screws so that the cable is firmly held. Don’t crunch down on the screws as the purpose here isn’t to damage the cable, but rather to firmly hold it in place.



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